According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, they have collected a number of individual members who have reported a significant improvement in their psoriasis after using apple cider vinegar on their condition. These members recounted that they added the vinegar to their bath, applied directly to psoriatic nails and even applied directly to the affected areas of the skin using cotton wool balls or buds.

If you intend to do the same, you can also try to treat your psoriasis and/or psoriatic arthritis internally by adding apple cider vinegar to your diet. To lessen the sour or bitter taste that apple cider vinegar has, you can add it to warm water with honey to sweeten the mixture before drinking it. You can do this at least twice a day, for a more effective relief of your psoriasis related problem.

The effectiveness of apple cider vinegar should not be particularly surprising since vinegar has been used throughout history as a healing solution. Moreover, the medicinal benefits of apple cider vinegar have likewise been well known for a long time already.

Indeed there will always be a cure for this chronic disease, though it may seem that  it is not totally reliable as there are instances that such condition may manifest again for no specific reason at all still, hope is not distant. With the number of options that have already been identified previously, anyone seeing the manifestations of this common yet totally non-curable disease will have a number of options to select from to at least manage their psoriasis.

Below is an interesting story from Marlon who claims that his psoriasis was cured after he used apple cider vinegar to treat his condition. His testimony was posted via, and I quote:

“My psoriasis popped up out of the blue around October of 2003. I am 99% sure the trigger was stress because I can remember around that time i was stressed from the time i woke up to the time i went to sleep. When it first popped up I thought it was something else and got really worried about it, it took me at least 3 months to go to the doctor for fear of what the diagnosis might be. Finally, I mustered up enough courage to check myself in. Well there I was sitting on the table with my shirt and pants off pointing to the doctor where the patches were. Sadly the doctor had as much of a clue as I did. A senior doctor had to take a look at me before diagnosing what the condition was. When i learned it was psoriasis I was relieved but at the same time worried about what it was and how it would affect me. The doctor proceeded to give me a topical ointment and said it should go away in the summer (yea right).

Well I went home and did some research on my condition, that’s when it really hit home. I was devastated but paid no mind to it thinking it would go away on its own. Months started to pass and the itching and flaking were beyond control. I felt like the lowest form of a human being. I had skin peeling on my nose and small patches on my chest, sides, arms, legs, scalp, ears & a tiny one on the left cheek. I felt so miserable. I would pass by kids running around and people doing casual everyday things and I would feel so depressed that I couldn’t do those things without having to worry that someone is looking at me wondering what the heck that is in my ear or on my head or on my arm. That’s when I finally said enough is enough, there has to be some way to get rid of this thing. I bought all the non(-)prescription treatments out there for the scalp and patches. They did little to help. Although 1 scalp treatment product lessened the patches on my head, it went from huge patches to really tiny patches. As i have continued to use these products and seeing little to no results, I finally accepted my fate and realized I might have to stay this way for the rest of my life.

Almost a year or so has passed and about 2 weeks ago I was surfing this forum when I saw several posts about ACV. Not knowing what it was, I proceeded to read the posts and finally I figured out it was (Apple Cider Vinegar). I scoured the web to find out more about this home remedy on other psoriasis forums and found that it was a very successful treatment. So I set out to my local grocery store and could only find Richards ACV instead of the suggested Braags. I figured it was better than nothing and started on the treatment of 2 teaspoons mixed with honey (in my case i used sugar since I didn’t have honey). 2 weeks later here I am, VERY HAPPY and giddy :). The ACV treatment is working. The patches are diminishing. They are no longer rough and flaky, but rather smooth, REGULAR HEALTHY skin is now there (only thing that remains is a mark where the patch once was, this should be easy to get rid of with cocoa butter or some kind of skin cream). The smaller tiny patches have completely healed up like popping a pimple. Just a mark remains and the ones on my arms are beginning to heal up very nicely.

I truly believe that without the internet and these forums, I would still be suffering as I was almost a year ago. With the ACV Treatment and doing the following I’ve managed to see these results in less than 2 weeks.

I did the following:

1) When a psoriasis patch popped up, I didn’t scratch it at all, no matter how tempting.

2) I went to the doctors and got a topical ointment to put on the psoriasis.

3) I ate only vegetables and fruits, drank lots of water, and exercised frequently.

4) Remembered that my mind also had a involvement in my psoriasis and tried to stay away from stressful things while finding ways to keep myself occupied with being happy.

5) I started on the ACV Treatment and this out of everything else has done it for me.”

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